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The Science of Sales

Is your company embedded in the territory, or doing just "well enough" and how would you know?

$90k to $1.276m 

17 Years

$323k to $673k

3 years

$164k to $1.235m

12 years

$301k to $1.043m

4 Years

$158k to  $509k  

6 Years

$190k to $1.360m

15 years


          Diversity has helped manufacturers increase the breadth of their products to the customer.  But is YOUR representative selling YOUR product or another manufacturer's product. 
          Lighting, components and accessories are offered by numerous manufacturers.   Are your sales interestingly flat to negligible when comparing one product category to another?
          DMS  does not represent similar lines.  So when you are represented by DMS, you get our full attention!


                                                                        Warp Speed, Mr Scotty!

          Does your sales agency cover more states than they have employees?  Ever wonder how a sales person can travel 400+ miles to make sales calls?  
          Yeah, we do too!  The fact is, they don't. With the conjestion in the area, if you don't live here, you can't sell here.   Traveling 18 miles from the Bronx to Brooklyn takes one hour (on a good day).   
          Don't believe us?  Ask your customers when they last saw your sales representative. Don't be surprised when you get the answer of "years" or "can't remember" or the dreaded "you have a sales representative?!?!"   

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